Microscope Slides and Cameras

Scientific Lab Equipments is renowned Microscope Slides and Cameras, Microscope Slides and Cameras Manufacturer, Microscope Slides and Cameras Supplier, Microscope Slides and Cameras Exporters in India, Microscope Slides and Cameras India, Microscope, Microscope Slides, Microscope Cameras, Microscope Slide Manufacturer. Scientific Lab Equipments are one of the leading Microscope Slide Manufacturers, originated in India. We bring antique microscope slide which is easily available in all shapes. Our microscope glass slide is widely used for many laboratory purposes. There are various cameras those are used in microphotography such as Digital SLR cameras, Digital cameras, USB Eyepiece Cameras, CCD Cameras, CMOS Microscope cameras, Scientific Microscope cameras, Cooled USB Microscope cameras, Builtin Digital Cameras and many more but one has to choose from these to suit ones budget and application.

Research Microscopes

Product Code : SLE-MSAC-2728

Research Microscopes are used for education, training analytical and research work in Colleges, Hospitals, Laboratories and institutes.

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Research Coaxial Microscopes

Product Code : SLE-MSAC-2729

Microscopes are latest for Research and Analytical work in Laboratories, Hospitals, Advanced Research Institutes and Colleges

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Research Microscope Series for Advanced Microscope

Product Code : SLE-MSAC-2730

These microscopes are designed with outstanding technological expertise from Scientific Lab Equipments, which extends the capabilities for education and research work

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