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The competition is tremendously increasing which is why every student should have exposure to new technology, techniques, processes, and methods in their life. Scientific Lab Equipments takes the initiative to provide the best laboratory equipment in the school for the overall growth of the students. We aim to provide educational institutions with state-of-the-art science lab equipment so that students can spend quality time in the laboratories. Scientific Lab Equipments is a renowned School Science Lab Equipment Manufacturer, School science Lab Equipment Suppliers, School Lab Equipment Exporters in India, High School Science lab Equipments, High School science lab equipments suppliers, School Educational Lab Equipment, High School Lab Equipment in India, School Lab Equipment Manufacturer in India.Shool Lab Equipment Manufacturer in India.

Digital Timer

Product Code : SLE-SL-3589

Fully microprocessor controlled. Digital system with touch panel.

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Dissection Forceps Sharp

Product Code : SLE-SL-4460

Edges 6" long Made From Surgical Grade Steel. These Instruments are used for grasping and holding

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Dissection Kit With 14 Instruments

Product Code : SLE-SL-4531

High quality complete set of Dissection kits with 14 instruments are made available for use in biology labs. The instruments in the kit are manufactured from premium surgical steel to perform accurate dissection.

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Dissection Kit With 18 Instrument

Product Code : SLE-SL-4532

High quality Dissection kits with 18 instruments are made available for use in biology labs.

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Dissecting Needles With Plastic Handles

Product Code : SLE-SL-4533

We provide Dissecting Needles with Plastic Handles about 5" long for accuracy in dissection of given specimen.

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Dissecting Scissors

Product Code : SLE-SL-4534

Stainless Steel dissecting scissors about 10cm long are used in multiple lab procedures and settings.

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Dissecting Trays

Product Code : SLE-SL-4535

Dissecting Trays in G.I Sheet with or without Wax, about 12" long x 8" wide x 1.5" deep are available for laboratory use.

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Dynamic Trolley

Product Code : SLE-SL-4536

Dynamic trolley made from best quality wood is used in mechanics to study momentum velocity, acceleration etc.

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Dynamo Working Model

Product Code : SLE-SL-4537

Standard working dynamo model is available made to understand the dynamics of a real time dynamo.

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Dynamo (AC/DC) - Motor Working Model

Product Code : SLE-SL-4538

Standard working dynamo model is available made to understand the dynamics of a real time dynamo. It is designed for demonstration in labs.

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Ebonite Rod

Product Code : SLE-SL-4539

Ebonite rods are designed to study static friction and electric charge and are made from superior quality materials.

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Electric Motor

Product Code : SLE-SL-4540

Ideal for use in lab experiments, electric motors are widely supplied to schools, colleges and research laboratories.

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Electric Motor Model With Newton Colour Disc

Product Code : SLE-SL-4541

Electric Motor Model with Newton Colour Disk is applied in the demonstration of the aspect that white light is composed of spectrum of colours and is formed through additive mixing of colours.

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Electric Motor Model

Product Code : SLE-SL-4542

We provide electric motor, models designed to explain the operation of electric motor and Change of electrical energy into mechanical energy.

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Electrode Plates

Product Code : SLE-SL-4543

Electrodes Plates in 75mmx25mm with 4mm fitted terminals are used in chemical and electric experiments.

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