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Karman Cannula

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3763

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Hot Water Bottle One Side Ribbed

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3764

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Ice Bag

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3765

Healthcare sport harm ice bag cap first resource muscle one of the main importers, companies, producers and massive shape of products.

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Air Cushion

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3766

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B.P. Bulb

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3769

Offered comes with/without end valve latex free finish and finds usage with most blood pressure instruments. Quality construction finish also makes it deliver lasting usage.

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Enema Syringe

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3771

Made of rubber, red color With Rectal Nozzle & Valve Ear/Ulcer Syringe/Bulb is a small, rubbery object that is used to remove mucus.

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Self Retaining Catheter

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3772

A line fine catheter especially designed for passage through a peripheral blood vessel into the chambers of the heart, under roentgen logic control.

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B.P. Armlet Bag

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3773

Offered comes in quality construction finish and find use in measuring of blood pressures in adults and kids. It is used in support of sphygmomanometer and provides for accurate readings.

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Corrugated Drainage Sheets

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3774

Offered come developed in 100% medical-grade silicone with the drain combining transparent silicone round tube and flat drain.

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Douche Tube

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3775

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Ring Pessary

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3776

The product works by compensating for connective tissue weakness as well as other damages/related issues and support further degradation of the complications.

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Hand Gloves

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3777

Offered come in vinyl material finish and comes developed as per defined industry standards. Made available in size options of S, M, L, XL these gloves are made available in color choices of clear, blue and others.

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Air Bladder

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3779

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Eye Ear Ulcer Syringe

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3780

Offered comprise small, rubbery object which finds use for removing mucus as well as clearing of baby's clogged nose/mouth. As babies are not able to blow their noses, the product helps in removing these clogs using syringe/bulb.

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Ryles Tube

Product Code : SLE-HRG-3781

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