Medical Anatomy Instruments

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Bone and Meat Cutting Machine

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2410

Bone & Meat Cutting Machine is used by anatomy & meat departments for cutting & packing of meat, fish etc.

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Product Code : SLE-MAI-2412

Very Useful for preparing specimen of big size in Anatomy and Meat Departments. Fitted with large moving table and extension table operated on four ball-bearing rollers. Used extensively in the meat packing, and wholesale fish industry, for handling sword

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Meat Cutting Machine

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2413

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Autopsy Table

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2414

Autopsy Table is a stainless steel table on Stainless Steel tubular stand of first class workshop scientifically designed for maximum efficiency.

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Cold Room

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2415

Cold room has total body with heavy sturdy angle iron & channels outer body is made of MS sheet duly painted.

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Cadaverous Injector

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2416

Cadaverous Injector is used for injecting Formaldehyde solution in cadaverous at much higher speed than normal gravity process.

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Mortuary Chamber

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2459

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Seed Germinator Single Chamber

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2460

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Seed Germinator Double Chamber

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2461

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UV Chamber with UV Tube Light

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2462

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Frog Heart Chamber

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2463

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Plant Growth Chamber

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2465

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Histamine Chamber

Product Code : SLE-MAI-2466

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