X Ray Machine and Equipment

Scientific Lab Equipments is renowned X Ray Machine and Equipment Manufacturer, X Ray Machine and Equipment Suppliers, X Ray Machine and Equipment Exporter, Hospital Surgical Equipments, X Ray Machine and Equipment India, X Ray Machine Manufacturer, X Ray Equipment, X Ray Machine Exporter, X Ray Machines Traders, Hospital X-Ray Machine. Scientific Lab Equipments offer extremist sound and X ray Machines, that area unit appropriate for scanning and designation the superficial organs, abdomen, heart and Obstetricians and gynecologists. it is used for routine radio graph and fluoroscopic diagnostic procedures of the chest, extremities, skull skeletal system, respiratory system, obstetric, pelvis, vertebral column and gastro enteric track.

Lead Goggles

Product Code : SLE-XRMAE-3876

Specially designed to fit over the eyes, model 91050 leaded failovers are an excellent choice for those requiring good splash protection from radiation.

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X Ray Machine

Product Code : SLE-XRMAE-3900

Single phase. Full wave rectified (silicon rectifiers). H medium powered X-Ray unit independent KV.

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Automatic X Ray Machine

Product Code : SLE-XRMAE-3902

Radio graphic output: 24Kw (AMU-300) and 40kw (AMU-500) as per IS7620 (parts). Tube filament current stabilization through constant voltage transformer (CVT).

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Corner Connected X-Ray Cassettes

Product Code : SLE-XRMAE-3904

Medical X-Ray Cassettes for Radiography Available in different sizes.Unit inches & Cms. The Cassettes are designed considering the latest technology which results with improved image quality.

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X-Ray Film Viewing Boxes

Product Code : SLE-XRMAE-3905

The view Boxes designed to reduce glare and excessive heat provide with uniform illumination. Other feature include ventilation for cooling, a drip tray for wet films.

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Temperature Controlled X -Ray Film Processing Unit

Product Code : SLE-XRMAE-3906

Temperature Controlled X -Ray Film Processing Unit Available in request dimensions for capacity. Temperature maintained at 20 degree Celsius.

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60mA 100mA X-Ray Equipments

Product Code : SLE-XRMAE-3907

Fullwave recrification which delivers almost double the output than the self rectified X - Ray Systems. Full wave rectification with high voltage silicon rectifier for low losses and consistent radiographic results.

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C-Arm X-Ray Table Chassis

Product Code : SLE-XRMAE-3909

Dimensions: 79.5" (200cm)L x 26-3/4" (66cm) W x 37" (93cm)H. All Stainless Steel Construction.

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