Pathology and Laboratory Equipments

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Brodie Starling Kymograph

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2346

Cylinder 6" x 11" with crown wheel engaging shaft. A spring loaded device allows turning by hand if necessary.

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Student Electrical Kymographs

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2347

Drive mechanism consists of constant speed electric motor and accurate gear-box contained in the base together with robust plate clutch.

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Student Kymographs Digital

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2348

Digital Microprocessor controlled 1st time in the world of Pharmacology Digital kyamograph/Sherrington Drum Designed and Manufactured by Scientific Lab Equipments.

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Muscle Twitch Assembly

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2349

Useful for recording muscle contractions on a smoked paper around cylinder of a drum.

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Student Nervemuscle Assembly

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2350

Useful for Neuro-Muscular experiments. Choice can be made out of the sets offered below:

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Smoking Varnishing Outfits

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2353

Smoking & Varnishing Outfits are available in the following models:-

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Long Paper Extension

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2354

Can take paper up-to 2 meters length and consists of a bar upon which one 6" x 3"cylinder slides.

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Varnishing Tray

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2355

Scientific Lab Equipments offers one of the essential Pharmacology equipment called Varnishing Tray with foot lever.

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Time Recording Devices

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2357

Consists of following features:- Tuning fork:- N-100 with stylus.

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Product Code : SLE-PALE-2358

All Manometers are fabricated from true-bore Boro-silicate glass, floats are perfectly lapped to eliminate leakage and are fitted with feather weight Stainless Steel capillary.

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Simple Electrode

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2359

Made from clear acrylic sheet with two copper wire.

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Hook Weight

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2360

Set 11 gm made of brass. Set 110 gm made of brass.

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Product Code : SLE-PALE-2361

Differnt types of Tambours are available with following features:-

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Simple Lever

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2363

Stout construction duly chromium plated frame with stop at one end, interchangeable " stem.

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Brodie Universal Lever

Product Code : SLE-PALE-2364

Levers are centered while screwing up the central screw.

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