Pharmacy Laboratory Equipments

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Ampoule Filling & Sealing Device

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2231

Electrically operated with piston of syringe having adjustment for quantity of liquid to be filled.

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Ampoule Washing Device

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2232

Pan made of stainless steel 6 nos.

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Antibiotic Zone Reader

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2233

The Antibiotic zone reader provides a rapid accurate method for determining the strength of antibiotic materials

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Anderson Pipette

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2234

Particle size determination apparatus, (sedimentation pipette, andrerson) consisting of 500ml.

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Bottle Cap Sealing Machine Hand Operated

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2235

Portable, hand operated equipment with two extra cap holders of different sizes. Totally casted machine hand operated.

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Product Code : SLE-PLE-2236

Electrically operated with speed control device with two stainless steel jars of different sizes.

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Ball Mill

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2237

Consists of following features:- Electrically operated, motor driven made of stainless steel.

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Bottle Washing Machine

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2238

Washing tank made of stainless steel mounted on sturdy square ms pipe frame duly powder coated.

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Bottle and Liquid Filling Machine

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2239

A sturdy and heavy unit made of CRC sheet mounted on a heavy angle iron duly powder coated.

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Conical Percolator

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2240

Stainless steel jar on stand. Capacity:- 500 ml, 1 lit. and 2 lit.

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Collapsible Tube Ointment Filling Machine

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2241

Stroke type machine. Filling capacity adjustable 5gm to 50gm.

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Capsule Filling Machine

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2242

A compact hand operated machine suitable to fill two-part hard gelatine capsules no. 0, 1 & 2 by interchangeable plates.

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Cannula Borosil Glass

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2243

Made from Borosilicate Glass:- Arterial Venous

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Double Cone Blender

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2244

It consists of two stainless steel cones welded with a cylindrical shell and having charging and discharging at opposite ends mounted on a channel stand.

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Small Animal Cage

Product Code : SLE-PLE-2245

Made of steel body duly powder coated or stainless steel. With feeding bottle and feeding bowl.

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