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Laboratory Face Masks

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8424

We also offer latex-free cone masks, surgeon's three-ply masks, respirator masks, low pressure masks, and much more.

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Surgical Cap

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8425

With immense market knowledge, we have been able to provide optimum quality Surgical Cap.

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Surgeon Cap

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8426

With immense market knowledge, we have been able to provide optimum quality Surgical Cap.

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Disposable Shoe Cover

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8427

Easy to wear, lightweight and tear resistance, this is made from superlative Material, flexible elastic and high strength threats.

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Laboratory Aprons

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8428

Laboratory Apron made from 5 ml virgin vinyl will resist acids, chemicals and flame each 27 x 42, apron comes in a soft vinyl pouch.

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Laboratory Gloves

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8429

Latex gloves are fully effective only against water-based solutions and are almost transparent to many organic solvents.

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Disposable Sleeves

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8430

Disposable sleeves can be used in a variety of lab, food, medical or industrial applications.

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Disposable Slippers

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8431

Soft and cosy, our Closed Toe Disposable Slippers are great for Labs, salons, spas and gyms.

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Surgeon Gowns

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8435

Gowns feature a wrap over back produced from a light weight polyester comfort fabric that ensures the gown is cool and comfortable even when worn during prolonged surgical procedures.

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Visitor Gown

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8438

Our competency lies in providing our clients with an excellent quality Disposable Visitor Gown.

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Laminated Gown

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8440

The offered Laminated Gowns are perfect to prevent transfer of infective agents.

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Patient Gowns

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8443

Patient Gown Disposable for patient examination are made from a soft yet heavy gauge non woven material.

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Hand Wipes

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8446

5 x 7 inches are excellent for quick clean up or need to feel refreshed.

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PE Gloves

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8447

PE Disposable Gloves used in industry of Food Processing, Medical, Salon etc for preventing infections from bacteria, virus and many more.

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Non Woven Napkins

Product Code : SLE-DPS-8448

The quality of paper made in the country is so fine, that there is huge demand abroad.

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