CNC Trainer Machine

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CNC Milling Machine Floor Model

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9012

Drilling Capacity: 16mm Worktable Size : 500 x 160mm

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CNC Milling Machine Table Model

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9014

Drilling Capacity: 10mm Worktable T-Slot Size: 8mm No. of T-Slot on Table : 3

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CNC Lathe Machine Floor Model

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9020

Swing over bed : 250mm Swing over carriage : 110mm

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CNC Lathe Machine Table

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9022

The offered CNC Lathe Machine table is known to be one of the best that is available in the market.

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CNC Trainer Lathe Machine

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9023

Max. Turning Dia: 55 mm Max. Turning Length: 100 mm Swing Over Bed: 150 mm

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CNC Trainer Milling Machine

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9025

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CNC Retrofitting Kit for Milling Machine

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9028

3/2 axis CNC controller for milling machine High-speed Ethernet-based

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CNC Retrofit Kit for Conventional Universal Milling Machine

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9029

We provide a high quality of CNC Retrofit Kit for Conventional Universal Milling Machine.

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CNC Lathe Controller

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9031

The controller is a cost-effective CNC Lathe controller - with all the push buttons, selector switches and MPG.

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CNC Milling Controller

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9035

6 axis movement, 6 axis interpolation linkage movement. 6 stepper/servo motor control.

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Spin Train

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9036

Scientific Lab Equipments exclusively designed and developed the Trainer series for learning purpose.

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Mill Train

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9037

Stroke X: 300mm Y: 225mm Z: 350mm

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CNC Lathe Trainer Stepper

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9038

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Smart Mill 500

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9040

It is a rigid & steady design in its class with high levels accuracy to achieve quality milling components.

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Smart Mill 600

Product Code : SLE-CTM-9041

The machine concept of the Smart mill series convinces by compact design

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