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Batch Enzyme Reactor

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9079

A bench top unit comprising a vacuum formed ABS plastic plinth with integral electrical console

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Chemical Reactor Training Equipment

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9080

The contact time and reaction temperature can be varied.

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Laboratory Pasteuriser

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9081

The Laboratory Pasteuriser is a benchtop unit designed to provide practical training for the operation of a large modern pasteurizing plant.

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Absorption in Packed Column

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9103

A glass absorption column is used to allow mass transfer between the absorption liquid and feed gases within the unit.

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Sedimentation Studies Apparatus

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9104

Sedimentation is the separation of solid particles from fluids under the gravitational force.

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Liquid Chromatography Digital System

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9106

HPLC:- Ultra speed data processing by Network HPLC. Designed for all you need in the lab.

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Gas Absorption Column

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9108

This apparatus is used to determine the air pressure differential across the column

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Rising Film Evaporator

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9109

A rising film or vertical long tube evaporator is a type of evaporator that is essentially a vertical shell and tube heat exchanger.

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Aerobic Digester

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9111

The equipment consists of a ten-liter reactor vessel mounted on a vacuum formed the plastic base

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Anaerobic Digester

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9113

The Anaerobic Digester is comprised of two 1.3 gallon upward flow packed bed reactor

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Solid Liquid Extraction Unit

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9115

The fundamental principle of solid-liquid extraction Unit can be learned with the temperature of the solvent can be adjusted.

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Fluidisation and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Unit

Product Code : SLE-TWL-9117

Application of fluidized beds is more widespread in the industry that is usually appreciated

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