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Hot air ovens are suitable for temperature up to 250ºC for chemicals, glassware in laboratories, research institutions, industries, hospitals & R & D centers. 
They are used in various applications like heating, drying, sterilizing & baking.

Construction : 
All external cases are made of mild steel, with strong seamless welding & covered with a thick layer of stoved epoxy polyster paint. 
The double walled chamber is filled with high grade insulation to prevent heat loss. 
Elements are of the sheathed black type. 
They are put inside beads, placed at the bottom & in both the side ribs for uniform temperature. The door closes on to an asbestos-gasket. 
The shelves slide neatly into the fixed runners. 
The oven is mounted on four rubber feet to prevent slipping. 
The control panel houses a main On/Off switch, indicator lamp & temperature setting knob.
The fixed ventilators are provided on both sides of the wall. 
The thermometer is provided on the top of the oven to check the temperature.  
The scale is calibrated in 5ºC steps.
Oven is controlled with capillary type thermostat.
This provide a strong, highly screech & heat resistant surface for a long lasting attractive finish. 
Internal surfaces (including the doors) are manufactured from stainless steel, with great care in order to eliminate sharp edges.
Size and Capacity:-
300 x 300 x 300mm, 750 watts, 27 litre, 1 shelve
355 x 355 x 355mm, 800 watts, 45 litre, 2 shelves
405 x 405 x 405mm, 1000 watts, 65 litre, 2 shelves
455 x 455 x 455mm, 1500 watts, 95 litre, 2 shelves
455 x 455 x 605mm, 2000 watts, 125 litre, 2 shelves
605 x 605 x 605mm, 2000 watts, 220 litre, 2 shelves
605 x 605 x 910mm, 3000 watts, 330 litre, 3 shelves 


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