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Polyacrylamide Vertical Slab Gel

Product Code : EL-TLCEA-10612
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This dual universal mechanism is to study large number of samples of isoenzymes & other heat liable proteins.
Platinum electrodes - cathode on top & anode at the bottom are mounted at center to provide uniform electrical flow.
This mechanism is to perform two 16x14cm gels & analysis up to 26 samples simultaneously in 5-6 hrs. 
When samples containing several components are to be studied, this is an ideal mechanism, which gives good result. 
Cold water at desirable temperature can be circulated in the closed cathode chamber to control the gel temperature.
In this mechanism gel can be casted of 0.5, 1.0 or 1.5mm thickness. 

The elementary unit consists:- 
Anode reservoir, cathode reservoir with heat exchanger, glass plates.
Notched & rectangular(2 sets), combs 13 well(2 nos.), 1mm, Teflon spacers 1.0mm(6 nos.), clamp with screws lid, connecting cord.


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